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4chan image collection in one spot.
TLDR: The original 4scrape is more or less buried. Wallbase is a good alternative for desktop hunting.

Update: I’d recommend people who are looking for wallpapers for their desktops/smartphones/pads/whatever to give Wallbase a chance. It’s a superb service with a lot of filtering options, even more awesome if you register an account (it’s not required).

What “4scrape” basically does and is – it’s a webpage that collects pictures (and posts) from 4chan, puts them on a server, and then parses every image found into a huge database for your wallpaper/picture needs.

You can find 4scrape here > Type in a search word to find specific images or press “Random” to bring up every imagepost in /wg/ (4chan subdirectory for wallpapers of all kinds).

The webpage updates continuously, although the script running the refresh-operation tends to break at times – just refresh and start over, the images are showing up at random so you won’t see the same picture too often.

I’ve found a large amount of very nice wallpapers on this page, it’s a nice service and a cool script.

Disclaimer: 4chan is known to contain a lot of nudity and 18+ content, so browsing the webpage is not adviced if you’re for example: at work, a minor, in the public, etc. You can swipe out some of the 18+/nude pictures by searching with the option “No tits”, but it’s not guaranteed that it’ll rule out all those images.

Update: 4scrape is taken down, and has been for quite a while now, just thought I’d write a little note about it on the post here. Here’s hark’s Twitter post, and here’s a blog post explaining why he isn’t going to keep maintaining 4scrape. Anyhow, you can always check out 4chan.org for your wallpaper needs (Wallpaper General) or here (High Resolution), it just takes more effort.

Top alternative: Wallbase
Alternative: 4walled
Alternative: http://www.wallz.eu/

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